Hedonometer word list: labMT-en-v1

For reference and citation please use: Positivity of the English language.

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All word lists

We have all of the following word lists available:

  • labMT-de-v2: langauge german ("de") created 2020-03-28. [view list]
  • labMT-ko-v2: langauge korean ("ko") created 2020-03-28. [view list]
  • labMT-es-v2: langauge spanish ("es") created 2020-03-28. [view list]
  • labMT-ru-v2: langauge russian ("ru") created 2020-03-28. [view list]
  • labMT-en-v2: langauge english ("en") created 2020-03-28. [view list]
  • labMT-id-v1: langauge indonesian ("id") created 2014-06-14. [view list]
  • labMT-en-v1: langauge english ("en") created 2011-08-25. [view list]
  • labMT-pt-v1: langauge portuguese ("pt") created 2014-06-14. [view list]
  • labMT-de-v1: langauge german ("de") created 2014-06-14. [view list]
  • labMT-ar-v1: langauge arabic ("ar") created 2014-06-14. [view list]
  • labMT-es-v1: langauge spanish ("es") created 2014-06-14. [view list]
  • labMT-zh-v1: langauge chinese ("zh") created 2014-06-14. [view list]
  • labMT-ru-v1: langauge russian ("ru") created 2014-06-14. [view list]
  • labMT-fr-v1: langauge french ("fr") created 2014-06-14. [view list]
  • labMT-ko-v1: langauge korean ("ko") created 2014-06-14. [view list]
  • labMT-zh-v2: langauge chinese ("zh") created 2020-03-28. [view list]
  • labMT-ar-v2: langauge arabic ("ar") created 2020-03-28. [view list]
  • labMT-pt-v2: langauge portuguese ("pt") created 2020-03-28. [view list]
  • labMT-fr-v2: langauge french ("fr") created 2020-03-28. [view list]
  • labMT-uk-ru: langauge ukranian ("uk") created 2022-03-08. [view list]


Each of the sets of words (and individual words themselves) can be queried through the API (in addition to the CSV and Excel version available from the table above). For this set, the endpoint for json is: https://hedonometer.org/api/v1/words/?format=json&wordlist__title=labMT-en-v1. A sample response, by passing limit=1 into the query for the en_all word set, is:

  "meta": {
    "limit": 1,
    "next": "/api/v1/words/?format=json&wordlist__title=labMT-en-v1&limit=1&offset=1",
    "offset": 0,
    "previous": null,
    "total_count": 10222
  "objects": [
      "happs": 8.5,
      "rank": 0,
      "stdDev": 0.9313,
      "text": "laughter",
      "word": "laughter",
      "word_english": "laughter",
      "wordlist": {
        "date": "2011-08-25",
        "language": "en",
        "reference": "https://arxiv.org/abs/1108.5192",
        "referencetitle": "Positivity of the English language",
        "title": "labMT-en-v1"